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  • The links shown at the left of screen allow you to search for Classical Sheet Music or Pop/Rock Sheet Music. (If you can't find what you want in Pop/Rock, try looking in Classical, as this searches the whole database, but is a little slower).
  • Start your search with a minimum of information. For example, if you are looking for orchestral parts for a Mass by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, but you are not sure what the name of the mass is, simply start by typing Mozart in the lower box and click Find It. (By the way, you can use all lower case letters. Most databases regard mozart and Mozart as identical).
  • In this example you would find over 8000 items, far too many to browse through in a reasonable time.
  • But now, by scrolling to the bottom of the search results page, you can add another search term in the More Search Options box. For example, you might type Mass (or mass) and then click Go. This would reduce the 8000 items found to about 160.
  • By again scrolling to the bottom of the page and typing Parts (or parts) in the More Search Options box and clicking Go, you are presented with about 15 items, a manageable number to browse through.
  • If your last keyword produced no results, click the Back button on your browser, and try a different keyword or phrase such as Orchestra or Full Score. Try alternative spellings. For example, if you are searching for Carl Philip Emmanuel Bach, you could first use Bach, then Carl. If that brought no suitable results, try CPE, or C.P.E. There is no agreed way for publishers to spell or abbreviate composers' names, so you might have to try a few variations
  • When you do find a likely result, click on the item to read further details.
  • To add your selection to the SheetMusicPlus Shopping Cart, just click the button.
  • Your shopping cart opens in a new window. You can change the quantity (make sure you click the update button if you do this. The unit price will often fall because of 2+ pricing). You can keep searching for and adding new items to this shopping cart. Just click the minimize button to park the window on the toolbar while you search.
  • When you have placed all items you need in the shopping cart, and have set the correct quantities, follow the instructions to proceed to the checkout. You will have every opportunity to verify your order, change quantities or delete items, and select the freight method. SheetMusicPlus runs a secure web site, so you can safely use your credit card to pay.
  • If you can't find the item you are looking for, it may be out of print. Alternatively, it might be published by a small, specialist publisher who is not included in the SheetMusicPlus catalogue. In this case, try Google. By typing in a general keyword, and then scrolling down to the bottom of the Google Search results page, you can click on Search Within Results. By gradually adding keywords, you can get closer to your goal. As above, if you try a keyword and it does not give the result you want, just click the Back button on your browser and you go back to the previous search level. Then try a different keyword. Try alternative spellings.
  • When you find the reference you want, make sure that you bookmark the page or write down the full URL (the address in the top window of your browser), as it can be very time-consuming and frustrating to find a reference a second time (if you can't quite remember what keywords you used to get there).


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