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Easy-to-find Sheet Music
for VOCAL Titles  -   Part 31

Sheet Music can be difficult to find, even if you know exactly what you want. Publishers
and distributors change their names and individual pieces of music go in and out of
print, depending on sales.

Sheet Music Titles and composers' names can often be spelled in different ways,
either by accident, or because there is no standard way of converting from another
language to English.

Publishers don't have a consistent way of categorizing music, so searches on different
databases produce incomplete and inconsistent results. So much for the bad news.

The good news is that I have collected over 300,000 of the most popular titles in all categories,
divided them by instrument (such as violin, guitar, vocal, etc.), and then arranged the titles in
alphabetical order. This makes it easier for you to find them, using a search engine or by
browsing the titles. Each piece links directly to a store where you can place an order if you wish.

If you have come to this page directly from a search engine ...

To find the link on this page type Ctrl-F (press and hold the Ctrl key while typing F ).  In the search
box which appears
type all or part of your search phrase and click OK. By repeatedly clicking OK you
will find all links on this page which contains your search phrase. When you find it, click on the link and
you should be taken to the item you wish to buy.

Plan B

the above system works extremely well, but if you are reading this section, chances are that
it didn't. If a link failed, I would love you to
tell me in a brief email so I can fix it. More often it is that the
links didn't quite match what you were looking for. Feel free to tell me about it.

I might be able to suggest a solution, and not only provide a link to solve your dilemma, but make
it available to anyone else who comes along looking for the same thing. (I hate spam, and won't
disclose your email address to anyone. I meet lots of interesting people around the world this way)

Remember, on the internet, fortune doesn't favour the brave, it favours the persistent. So keep on

You might like to add this page to your list of favorites, to save time next time?

Links to VOCAL Sheet Music Titles    -   Part 31

Most titles are linked to a picture of the item, together with further details and price. Note that there
are often
discounts if you buy 2 or more of one item. Check the details after you click on the link to be sure. Secure online ordering is available, as is speedy shipping to anywhere in the world.

Blues Scatitudes By Bob Stoloff. For Voice. Blues. Sheet Music and CD-ROM. 80 pages. Published by Music Sales. (CE00204)
Blues-Potpourri (Tanzpotpourri I) Arranged for Voice and Jazz Orchestra. By Kurt Weill. Schott. Size 8.5x12 inches. Published by Universal Edition. (49012485)
Bluh auf, du Sommerkorn By Fritz Je Ler. Arranged by . For Mixed voice choir (SAM). Published by Tonos (German import). (98046)
Boat Cometh LadenA (30 of the Most Beautiful By Various. Edited by Koschinsky. For 1 or 2 recorder (SS) (voice). (Ger). Published by Heinrichshofen Verlag. (N03034)
Boats of Mine Vocal Solo Medium By A.S. Miller. For Voice. Ascension/Pentecost and Sacred. Sheet Music. Published by Shawnee Press. (IA5002)
Bob Marley: Bob Marley Bass Collection Performed by Bob Marley. Bass tablature songbook for bass and voice. Series: Hal Leonard Bass Recorded Versions. 111 pages. Published by Hal Leonard. (HL.690568)
Body, Mind, Spirit, Voice: the American Boychoir DVD By Anton E Armstrong. Dvd. Res. Published by Heritage Music Press. (D101)
Body, Mind, Spirit, Voice: the American Boychoir VHS By Anton E Armstrong. Video. Res. Published by Heritage Music Press. (V101)
Bones By William Anderson. Arranged by Bergquist, Laura. Sacred. Cassette Collection (Vocal Cassette). Published by Hope Publishing Company. (1807)
Bonvicas Song For High Voice (in B minor). By Henry Purcell. Schott. Size 8.5x11.5 inches. 7 pages. Published by Schott. (49014823)
Book with 7 Seals, Vocal Score By Franz Schmidt. Published by Universal Edition. (UE010951)
Boris Godunov By Modest Petrovich Mussorgsky. Vocal (Opera) Score. Kalmus Edition. 0. Masterwork. Vocal Score. 296 pages. Published by Alfred Publishing. (K06353)
Born In Bethlehem By Third Day. Modern Christian. CD accompaniment tracks for the solo vocalist. Track, Adult Contemporary and Sacred. CD Tracks - Solo. Published by Praise Hymn. (767667053120)
Born In Bethlehem By Third Day. Modern Christian. CD accompaniment tracks for the solo vocalist. Track, Adult Contemporary and Sacred. CD Tracks - Solo. Published by Mastertrax. (084418050727)
Born To Sing Basics Course By Howard Austin/Elisabeth Howard. Super foundation course - vocal technique & style, singing lessons package. 2 CDs/booklet/case. Published by Vocal Power. (BTS-2-CD)

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