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There's a wealth of music resources on the web. I'll be posting links to selected sites on
this page. If you own or find a useful site, feel free to suggest it for inclusion.

Ian Maurer

Choral Training CDs
For choirs, buying the music is often the easy part. Learning the notes in a reasonable time
can be a chore for some choristers who don't read music well. There are a number of people
who offer rehearsal aids, but the best that I have found are by Note Perfect - great for learning,
beautifully presented, and a pleasure to listen to.

Choral Music - Note Perfect Learning The Easy Way  We provide aids to assist individuals and choirs
to learn notes for choral music and so sing confidently from the start. Our aim is to provide a means of
learning notes in a way that is easy to grasp and enjoyable to learn.

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